Grace Mittleman, General Music & Chorus

In general music classes, students create, perform, and respond to a wide variety of music. They have opportunities to sing, move, play instruments, and learn note reading basics as they explore a rich curriculum.

JJIS is a HOT School, and students have the opportunity to perform in town meetings. These are performances in which students may sing, dance, and play instruments.

All students can choose to participate in chorus. Chorus groups are organized by grade level and have rehearsal once a week. Each grade level chorus practices songs to share in a winter and spring concert. 

Fifth graders are given an additional opportunity to share their musical talents in March when our entire school community celebrates Music In Our Schools month with a Solo and Ensemble Concert.



Jennifer Knickerbocker, Band Teacher

The mission of the JJIS Band Program is to allow students musical enrichment; foster fellowship among its members, provide musicians with an opportunity for personal growth and leadership, create music, as well as, develop a lifelong love of the arts.

Jaguars Believe! Jaguars Achieve!

Ms. Knickerbocker, Band Director