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Jack Jackter Intermediate School (JJIS) opened its doors in September of 2006 to educate the third, fourth and fifth graders of the Colchester community. We at JJIS pride ourselves in servicing the academic and social curriculum needs of third, fourth and fifth graders in our town.  Staff members are constantly striving to become experts in the development of the intermediate aged child. School procedures, routines and expectations are developed collaboratively by our faculty to ensure the well being and academic success of each and every student. We are constantly seeking ways to better foster and maintain our positive school environment.

JJIS offers a rich curriculum which includes a literature-based reading and process writing program. Students regularly participate in hands-on math, science and social studies activities. This ensures that learning is both interesting and relevant. Weekly art, music, media, technology, health and physical education classes are an important part of our students' comprehensive education program. Students may also elect to participate in the popular instrumental and choral music programs.

Special Education and intervention opportunities are available for students. All students participate in a variety of production companies during our weekly enrichment block. Learning experiences are extended beyond the school day through a very successful After-School Club Program. Students participate in high-interest clubs ranging from cooking, chess and drawing to basketball and capture the flag three times per year. In addition, we offer other enriching extra-curricular activities after-school including, but not limited to, Lego-Robotics, Math Olympiad, and Junior Achievement. We also participate in Connecticut's annual Invention Convention. Members of our Unified Sports Team participate in a locally sponsored event.

We are proud that JJIS is a  HOT (Higher Order Thinking) School. As a HOT school, we are committed to developing students' multiple intelligences by providing them with high-quality arts-infused instruction. Students have multiple opportunities to share their artistic and academic talents with others in our school community. Artists-in-Residence work extensively with our teachers and students to make learning come alive through music, art, writing and performances.


JJIS is also proud to be a PBIS school. PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention Support) is a program in which all staff recognize and encourage positive student behavior. Research has found that the more often positive behavior is acknowledged and rewarded the greater chance that it will continue and influence the actions of others. However, we hold high expectations for proper behavior and if a student misbehaves, a referral will be submitted and administration will take disciplinary action to correct the problem so that it does not happen again.

At JJIS we value student voice. Students are actively involved in many aspects of school life. From running monthly events and voting on our annual agenda cover,  to serving as tour guides for various events throughout the year, students' voice is always valued.

We are pleased to have an active student council who identify, develop and implement many important community service initiatives with the entire student body. These initiatives have historically raised funds and items for local families, developed relationships with the elderly in the community and beyond along with honoring American service men and women. Lastly, student council initiates school spirit days throughout the year that makes JJIS an inviting and supportive school.


The JJIS staff recognizes the importance of strong home-school-community relationships. A very active PTO supports our school by sponsoring cultural assemblies, artists in residence, field trips and our annual Learning Night. Funds are also raised to purchase playground and instructional equipment as needed along with expanding the collection and purchase of books for our school library.  We welcome all parent and community volunteers who want to work in the third, fourth, fifth grade classrooms, library and office of our school, or to share their special talents or interests with our students.

Jack Jackter Intermediate School is always working to develop strong bonds and working relationships with community organizations.  For many years, the Colchester Historical Society has sponsored a walking tour of Colchester as a culmination of the third grade students' study of their community. The JJIS Health/PE teachers along with Colchester’s Youth and Family Services present information to all grade five students on the topic of drug, tobacco and alcohol prevention. Additionally, classrooms sponsor a Colchester senior citizen during the holiday season to provide them  with a holiday gift basket in December. Many of these seniors are unable to leave their homes and often do not have family in the area.  Students learn the value and importance of thinking of others through caring and sharing.

Please feel free to contact the administration at any time to share your thoughts, questions or concerns. We value parental and community feedback and are always willing to discuss the role that JJIS plays in the lives of our students.

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